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Explore. Ride. Enjoy.

Explore our vast and ever growing Theme Park and enjoy the wondrous creations within it.

About TM123 Studios

TM123 Studios and resort has been through a lot, starting off with ideas and plans for Jumanji, Shrek, Star Trek and more, to where we are today with some of the most spectacular attractions available on Roblox. We strive to make more immersive experiences every day for our guests, including some noteable available attractions today at the park, Blox and Furious, The Runaway Train, the Jungle Expedition and more!

We have also celebrated events since our very first year, we celebrated Christmas at the park and still do to this day, we invite you to come enjoy the festive season. You can also enjoy the frights in TM123's Ghostly Gathering held every year in October! One of the spookiest events on Roblox!

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